February 22, 2021 | by: jeffromard

Optometrist Claims Our Vision Will Be Better When We Return To Offices And Classrooms

Over the last year, you might have noticed your eyes have taken a bit of a battering – especially if you’ve been working from home throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The same might be said for your kids if they’ve been trying to learn from iPads, computers or laptops.

But, fear not – things might be looking up in the hopefully-near future because a behavioural optometrist has said that our vision should improve as our lives get back to ‘normal’.

Bhavin Shah, who also works as a myopia (short-sightedness) management consultant at Central Vision Opticians in Finchley, London, thinks that when we’re able to travel to and from work, our eyes will be given their necessary breaks.

Essentially, we’ve all just got overworked eyes that need a little recovery time.

Speaking to LADbible, Bhavin says: “Adults have been having a significant increase in symptoms whilst working from home. There have been several studies, somewhere between 22 percent and 38 percent report that their eyes have deteriorated.

“I’ve seen an increase in patients with these symptoms – eyestrain, fatigue, tired and blurry eyes.

“The journey to work and working in an office environment can allow more breaks and natural eye movements and focusing.”