January 11, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

All it takes is 11 minutes a day!

A recent study has found that you’ll live longer if you can manage just 11 minutes of movement a day. And, yes, between the Zoom meetings, Netflix binges and closed gyms, the pandemic has definitely created some challenges when it comes to exercising. You’ve heard about all those studies showing the health risks of prolonged sitting. Now, Scientists at the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine have found that study participants who exercised 35 minutes per day saw the biggest statistical difference on life span. But just 11 minutes of moderate exercise — equivalent to a brisk walk — still had a noticeable positive impact. And both time frames were positively impactful, regardless of the amount of sitting. They say previous studies showing you need to do 60 or 75 minutes of exercise per day for longevity benefits were flawed because they used participants’ self-reported data.