June 18, 2021 | by: jeffromard

Couple Requiring All Wedding Guests & Vendors To Be Vaccinated

A lot of couples were forced to postpone or cancel weddings last year due to the pandemic, but now weddings are happening again, and one couple is taking extra steps to make sure all of their guests feel safe while celebrating.

Seattle couple Keri Barnett-Howell and Will Grosswendt are requiring all their guests to be vaccinated in order to attend their wedding. But that’s not all. The couple, who plan to wed this August, are requiring their vendors to be vaccinated as well. And the pair isn’t just taking everybody’s word for it, they are asking for proof of vaccination, just so everyone attending can feel safe.

“Asking for proof feels weird, but it’s to make everyone comfortable in coming to our wedding,” Will told KING-TV. “I might be able to trust my friends but are friends of Keri’s going to trust my friends? They don’t know them.”

And it doesn’t look like they are getting much pushback from the requirement. They say their guests have had no issue with showing proof, but they did lose a photographer who didn’t want to get the vaccine so they simply got a new one.