October 12, 2021 | by: jeffromard

Have you heard of airless tires?

Coming soon to a tire dealer near you: Airless tires. Several tiremakers have been developing airless tires recently, but now, Michelin claims it will have them on the market by 2024. The airless Michelin Uptis, or ‘Unique Puncture-proof Tire System’ tires are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic vanes which support the tread rather than air pressure. Yup, that means you can see through them. What are the advantages? Nails become minor annoyances, and sidewall cuts that make a tire unrepairable are no longer possible. There is no need to check tire inflation. And say goodbye to spare tires and jacks. Blowouts that cause thousands of crashes a year could become a thing of the past. And they’re better for the environment, because fewer would need to be scrapped due to lack of blowouts.

If you’d like to see some actual photos of the tires be sure to check out this link…