October 7, 2021 | by: chadwilcox

Imagine your father confiscating your motorcycle, only to find it 40 years later!

A 40-year-old motorcycle with exactly zero miles on it is going up for sale…all because a dad didn’t approve of his son buying it in 1981. OK, not exactly ZERO miles. The odometer of the 1981 Honda CB100N reads 0.4 miles. How does something like this happen? A teenager bought it new 40 years ago, but when he brought it home, his father was not cool with the idea. He immediately confiscated it and locked it away in a shed. After his father died, the unnamed owner, now in his 50s, was given the job of clearing out his house in Somerset, England, and stumbled upon his old bike, which is in immaculate condition. It will be auctioned off on October 14. The presale estimate is $2,750, but it’ll probably go for significantly more. One expert says that because those bikes were used for commuting, most of the remaining ones not only have a LOT of miles on them, they’re also in rough condition. Besides, it’s very rare to find any vehicle with less than a mile on the odometer.