July 22, 2021 | by: jeffromard


➢ Bono – A Plane Ticket (for his hat) — $1,700:  What would a humanitarian do if he went on vacation and accidentally left his favorite hat at home? He’d spend a ridiculous $1,700 to have it delivered by airplane.
➢ Lady Gaga – A Ghost Detector — $50,000:  Admit it—she’s unique, and if an expensive ghost detector makes her feel safe in her house, then she should have it.
➢ Beyoncé & Jay Z – A Barbie Doll — $80,000:  They bought the diamond-encrusted Barbie for their daughter Blue Ivy’s first birthday in 2013. Specially customized, it is said to include 160 diamond gems and white gold jewelry. (But, to be fair, that’s only $40,000 each…)
➢ Mike Tyson – Two Bengal Tigers — $150,000:  Because he used to be the “baddest man on the planet,” and he had to live up to the title, he couldn’t just play with kitties or puppies, now, could he?
➢ Nicolas Cage – A Dinosaur Skull — $276,000:  He outbid Leo DiCaprio on it in 2007. Of course, Cage is also the guy who bought a comic book collection for $2.1 million…
➢ Paris Hilton – A Doghouse — $325,000:  Do you think she’s proud that her dogs live in a more expensive house than billions of people? Yes.
➢ Kim Basinger – A Whole Town — $20 Million:  Why buy a castle, a doghouse, or an expensive car, when you could buy an entire town in Georgia for $20 million? And that was way back in 1989 when $20 million was a lot of money!)