Daily Lunch Menu

We here at 1270 CJCB love to eat, and that’s why we are happy to let you know about some of our local friend’s menus around the island!

Tom & Ett’s Kitchen:

Tom & Ett’s Kitchen, 1678 Louisbourg Highway (just past the roundabout on George Street), open 11 am-9 pm Monday – Sunday. Come in and check out our great daily specials every day. The Monday Special is a 1pc Chicken Snack with a leg and thigh. Served with Home Cut Seasoned Fries for only $3.99. 2 pcs for 5.99. The Tuesday Special is 12 Breaded wings with our delicious southern-style buttermilk marinade for $9.99. The Wednesday Special is a Jr. Donair – Thinly shaved Cape Breton Island Greek Donair Meat for only $4.99. Add Cheese 1.99. The Thursday Special is a quarter-pound seasoned hamburger patty. Topped with Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles, and Lettuce. Includes a Jr. Poutine for only $10.95. It’s Fish Friday!. Your choice of 1pc Fish and Chips, Fish Tips and Fries, or Fish Burger and Fries for just $9.95! It’s Spaghetti and Meatball Saturday! A classic pasta special for only $9.95. Add extra meatballs for an extra $1.50 each. They have the best donairs and Southern-style deep-fried chicken in Cape Breton! by today! Get 1 free piece of chicken with every non-chicken order. Call us at 902-270-2343 or check us out on Facebook!

The Herring Choker Deli:

The Herring Choker in Nyanza will be opening once again this Wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm for takeout only. Linda and Staff can’t wait to serve you some of their delicious soups sandwiches and desserts once again. Give them a call at 902-295-2275.

Thai Express – Prince Street Plaza, Sydney:

It all starts with fresh, delicious ingredients. No surprise there. But just as important is what we do to them. We specialize in traditional Thai recipes, but we have the vision to sprinkle in enough new-world creativity to keep you on your toes. And because our focus is on fresh, vibrant food, you can feel good about meals that taste great.

Grill Hut

Check out Grill Hut in the Sydney Shopping Centre on Prince Street.  ‘Grill Hut specializes in Brazilian inspired grilled chicken and beef. Brought to you quick, fresh, healthy and super delicious. Served on platters and/or grilled-pressed sandwiches. Grill Hut has something for everyone and is ready to deliver one of Cape Breton’s favourite casual eating experiences. Why is the food at Grill Hut so awesome? ‘..because it’s better Grilled’. Come in and have the Grill Hut experience in the Sydney Shopping Centre on Prince Street or check them out on Facebook.

Missy’s Dinner- Mira Ferry Market

Mira Ferry Market and Missy’s Diner- Open 7 days a week. Stop in for fresh baked goods, convenience items, gas and diesel, or have a bite to eat at Missy’s Diner. We would love to see you at Mira Ferry Market and Missy’s Diner in Albert Bridge.

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