Daily Supper Time Menu

From the people who brought you the daily Lunchtime Menu, we are happy to bring you our daily Supper Time Menu!  Because frankly, who likes cooking when you get home from work. Why not stop at one of these great restaurants and let them do the hard work!

Miner’s Daughter Restaurant & Bakery:

The Miner’s Daughter Restaurant & Bakery is located at 220 Memorial Dr, Sydney Mines. They are now open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 8 PM for take-out only adhering to COVID restrictions.  Come try some of their delicious specials or some baked goodies! That’s the Miner’s Daughter in Sydney Mines! Go see them on Facebook

Kenny’s Pizza:

Since 1989, Kenny’s Pizza has been making authentic Italian style pizza in Cape Breton with 9 locations. With convenient ways to order and pay, Kenny’s is always ready to serve: Take out or Delivery with Debit at the Door service – Order online, by phone, in-store and in advance. Check out the Mom’s Choice – a 16″ large pizza & 12 garlic fingers, dipping sauce and 1 litre of pop for $27.75 plus tax. Try their Kid’s Fave – a 16″ large pizza, 10 Mozza sticks and 1 litre of pop for $27.75 plus tax. Check out the Dad’s Pick – a 16″ large pizza, 10 chicken wings and 1 litre of pop for $32.00 plus tax. Check them out on Facebook or at kennyspizza.com. Open 7 days a week. Today,  Kenny’s Pizza has 13 locations throughout Nova Scotia and offers a wide variety of pizzas and toppings. For those looking not only for pizza but also for other delicious food options, Kenny’s also offers garlic fingers, donairs, subs, burgers, platters, wings, and great appetizers.

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